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Windscale Junior Open 2015


In what turned out to be another successful event, run over 1 day as opposed to the usual two days due to lower entry numbers, there was still plenty of great squash on show from the juniors of Cumbria, Northumbria and Lancashire.

Janice Bragg (left) Sponsor from Jubilee Garage, and Noreen Coid (right) Sponsor from Walkingshaw VW, with some of the WJO 2015 players WJO 2015 Winners and Runners Up. (left to right) back Aidan Raine, Adam Gill Adam Goad, Daniel Harrison, Keane Appleton, front, Rachel Tang, Michelle Tang, Rebecca Smith, Jordan Corlett, Eve Driver. (Missing, Philip Jackson, Sam Newby, Beth Dean, Adam Ford)

With a lower entry than previous years it was a great opportunity to make it a 1-day event, and the best of three game format certainly makes for a quick competition, but with 7 age-groups from under 13 boys through to under 19's, and under 13 girls up to under 17's, there was plenty of action over the six hours.

Without our six sponsors this year we couldn't have put on such an event, and our sincere gratitude goes out to;

  • Brooks Panasonic, Whitehaven,
  • Carlisle Refrigeration,
  • Jubilee Garage, Egremont,
  • Walkingshaw VW, Lillyhall, Workington
  • Whitehaven Accident Repair,
  • Wils Hambling, Whitehaven.
shirt design
 A model, showing the WJO 2015 shirt design, thank you all.

 Boys under 13,

A round-robin event of four juniors saw Philip Jackson of Wigton triumph over the days matches against the Windscale Squash trio of Jake Callan and Sasha Shaw playing their first ever tournaments alongside competition 'veteran' Sam Newby. Jake beat Sasha and only just lost to Sam 1-2 in a tight match. Sam Newby who came a close runner up to the winner beat both his clubmates and only just lost out in his match with Philip 1-2.

 Left to right, Noreen Coid Walkingshaw VW Sponsor, Sam Newby runner up, Philip Jackson Winner

Girls under 13,

Another round-robin of four and top seed Rebecca Smith from Carlisle was the strongest over the days games although the eventual runner up Beth Dean from Northumbria pushed her very close by taking a game off her. Rebecca beat Rebekah Hall 2-0 and dropped her only other game against her club and county team-mate Emily Cooper. The groups other players were Emily Cooper from Carlisle and Rebekah Hall from Windscale, Rebekah's best result was a win against Emily 2-0.

 Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Rebecca Smith, winner  Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Beth Dean, runner up

Boys under 15,

Traditionally the largest age-group and with 11 entered this year a Monrad system was used, which gives everyone the maximum number of matches, with the first round losers playing for positions 9 to 11 in a round-robin. Joshua Ford from Lancashire beat an out-of-sorts Matthew Harrison 2-0, and Sam Woolaghan and Zac Singleton faired no better against Jacob Lancaster and Joseph Broadley respectively, putting these three in the losers round robin.

In the Main Draw Thomas Bragg of Windscale 'flew the flag' and lost a close opening match to Aidan Raine, the eventual runner up 1-2, his next game against Joseph Broadley was another 1-2 defeat but he gave his all only going down in a tie-breaker 14-12 in the third game. His last match should have been against Joshua, but he had withdrawn by then with an injury, so Thomas finished 7th.

In the 'all Windscale club player round robin' event Matthew triumphed winning both his games 2-0, whilst Zachary only just overcame Sam Woolaghan 2-1 in a game that was 'too tight to call throughout'!

For the record Adam Gill from Wigton was the top seed and won without dropping a game all day, Aidan Raine from Carlisle was the runner up, 3rd Nathan Dobson, 4th Liam Kahn (both Northumbria), 5th Joseph Broadley, 6th Jacob Lancaster (both Carlisle), 8th Joshua Ford Lancashire, 9th Matthew Harrison, 10th Zachary Singleton, 11th Sam Woolaghan

The number of Biblical names of juniors in this age-group is staggering!

Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Adam Gill, winner Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Aidan Raine, runner up

Girls under 15,

Jordan Corlett of Windscale was seeded 1 for the three girls in this age-group, however she lost her opening game to Michelle Tang from Workington 1-2 scuppering her chances of winning. Jordan did go on to beat Lucy Anderson from Northumbria 2-0 but had to settle for the runner up prize. Michelle duly beat Lucy to finish as a deserved winner.

 Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Michelle Tang, winner  Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Jordan Corlett, runner up

Boys under 17,

Brandon Groggins' withdrawal through injury meant the England Squash seedings went adrift from the start in this round robin of 4 with only Adam Ford of Lancashire being the remaining seed in a group of three. Adam Goad playing up on the occasion of his 13th birthday had a successful day beating Adam Ford first match up 2-0, and then beating Ross Singleton from Windscale in his second and last match, also 2-0 to win the title at a canter. Ross had a bad day losing to Adam Ford 0-2, and finished 3rd.

 Adam Goad, winner with Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, (Adam Ford was the runner up but had left before the presentation.)

Girls under 17,

Four girls contested this age-group and the number 1 seed Eve Driver from Carlisle was given a mighty scare by Rachel Tang from Workington in her first game, only winning 2-1 in the tie-breaker, she won her other two games against the Rowell twins, Emma and Amy both 2-0 to take the title. Rachel followed up her early loss with two wins also over Amy and Emma to finish as a very close runner up. In the battle for the Rowell household bragging-rites Emma pipped Amy 2-1.


 Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Eve Driver, winner  Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor, with Rachel Tang, runner up

Boys under 19,

There was plenty of Windscale club interest in this age group with Daniel Harrison, Dominic Corlett and Sam Nichol taking on Keane Appleton from Carlisle and James Wilkinson from Wigton.

Sam lost his opening game to Keane 0-2 and had his chances, but too many errors and anger cost him his victory. In his next game against Dominic he turned the England Squash seedings upside down with a good 2-0 win, however he never threatened to take any games off either James or Daniel losing both 0-2. Sam finished 4th.

Dominic did manage to take a game off James Wilkinson in losing 1-2 but that was his sole success in a disappointing days effort for him, losing to Daniel and Keane 0-2 also, and finishing 5th. Perhaps he's not suited to the quickfire 'best of three' format?

Daniel, seeded 1 and playing like it, strode through the day unchallenged, not dropping a game in his 4 matches, winning the title with a little to spare. Keane Appleton beat James Wilkinson in what was the second/third play off match 2-0 to secure the runners up berth and James finished 3rd.

 Daniel Harrison, winner, with Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor  Keane Appleton, runner up, with Janice Bragg Jubilee Garage Sponsor


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