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Whitehaven junior competition 2015

In the Improvers competition, for those relatively new, or of limited experience to the game, we were represented by 3 juniors, Harrison Rogers, Joe Woolaghan and India Singleton. All 3 are regular attendees of the clubs bronze training sessions under the careful eye of Gavin Stephenson, and it was a great opportunity for them to put into practice in matches what they have been taught by him.

Harrison, our youngest player at just 6 years old played well in his first ever competition, finishing third overall, winning only 1 game against his older but less experienced club mate Joe Woolaghan, who didn't manage a victory in his 4 games but showed promise and a good eye for the ball on his first ever foray into competitions. India Singleton who is both quite talented and relatively experienced for a 9 year old showed all present how to play good squash, beating all 4 opponents and not dropping a game in the process to finish as Improvers champion with 10 points. Well done all 3 of you.

Improvers; L to R, Joe Woolaghan, India Singleton (Winner), Harrison Rogers (3rd)

In the boys under 11 competition, 2 Windscale juniors were in a group of 5. Sasha Shaw and Jake Callan, 2 more of our up and coming Bronze training group pitted their skills against their Whitehaven counterparts. Jake never managed a victory but gave his all in his games and claimed some games against some more accurate juniors, whereas Sasha picked up a win over Jake 3-0 and took a game of the eventual winner of the group only losing to Joshua Tang 1-3, for a commendable effort.

In the under 14 mixed competition there were again 3 of our juniors taking part, Rebekah Hall, Cameron Smale and Sam Newby. All three are quite experienced on the training court and only now need to get more games played to bring on their skills, so this competition was another ideal opportunity to do so. Sam Newby won 2 and lost 2 of his games, beating his Whitehaven opponents but losing the "bragging rites" to his club mates Cameron and Rebekah. Sam managed to serve out 18 times in his 4 games, and but for this his results may have been a little different!. Cameron managed to win 3 of his 4 matches only losing to Rebekah 2-3 in what turned out to be a great close match to decide the group. Rebekah has improved very well over her time on court and is an athletic girl who doesn't mind getting "a sweat on", which is always good to see when mixing it with the boys on court. Three of her matches went to a fifth game which shows her tenacity and will to win, and she ran out a deserved winner of this category, unbeaten on the day in her 3 matches.

Rebekah Hall, Winner Under 14 Mixed (boys and girls) group

 In the boys under 15's Zac Singleton was our sole representative and he easily dispatched his opponents Kane Harper and Andrew George without dropping a game, in what was a relatively comfortable mornings work.

Gavin Stephenson, competition organiser and Windscale Club coach presents Zac with his U 15 boys Winners trophy

The most Windscale entries were in the under 18 mixed group where two round robins were played out. The first group included Dominic Corlett, Matthew Harrison, Tim Outhwaite all Windscale and Michelle Tang. Dominic won his 3 games only dropping 1 game to Matthew to finish top of the group, Matthew only lost to Dominic and didn't drop any other games to finish second and Tim beat Michelle to finish third, all three had final position matches to play once the second group finishing orders were determined.

In the second group, Brandon Groggins, Ross Singleton and Thomas Bragg were our representatives. Brandon won all his three games without dropping a game although he was pushed to the limit by Ross in their match, only winning 2 games on a tie-breaker point. Ross was runner up winning 2 games against Thomas and George, and Thomas who very nearly took an unexpectred game off Ross beat George in his only win to qualify third in the group.

Dominic Corlett
Gavin presenting under 18 Champion Dominic Corlett with his winners trophy

In the fight for finishing positions, Dominic beat Brandon 3-2, a very good game and fair reflection of their relative club league positions, and an indication of Dominics improvement over the past 12 months. Ross Singleton beat Matthew Harrison in another thriller 3 games to 2, showing also his improvement of late and the importance of listening to what your coaches are telling you. Tim beat Thomas to finish fifth and sixth respectively, again a good close 3-2 match, showing the fine margins between success or otherwise.

So, on the whole a very successful and enjoyable competition for all regardless of the results, and as the old adage says "you can't beat having matches to bring out the best in your game", held true.

Well done all 15 of you, you were all a credit to Windscales, your coaches, your parents, family and yourselves, here's to your next competition, have a good one wherever and whenever it is. Thanks also to all at Whitehaven for the organisation.

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