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Doubles 2015 for Children in Need

A quality field assembled for the annual charity doubles competition with 4 of the previous winners keen to get their hands on the 2015 trophy, but with a reduced entry this year, Friday 13th and all that!


Doubles 2015, l to r, Ruth Cranston, Mike Hetherington, Hannah Crichton, Simon Pugh, Keith Pearson, Dominic Corlett, Dave Benson, John Crichton, Mark Fox, Peter Penrose, Steve Walker, Gordon Thompson, Kneeling, front l to r, Adam Barton, Ryan Barton

Seven pairs fought it out over a couple of hours to find the finalists and some cracking doubles squash was played by all, from the very beginner Ruth, playing her first squash ever, let alone doubles, to our clubs most senior playing member Gordon, an ever present at the doubles.

Matches were 5 minutes duration and it was game on! The pairs were Simon Pugh and Mike Hetherington (2 previous winners), Keith Pearson and Peter Penrose, Gordon Thompson and Mark Fox, Hannah Crichton and Dominic Corlett both their first time of entering, Dave Benson and Steve Walker, Ryan Barton a previous winner and his brother Adam (Ryan scared off 2 potential partners before settling on his brother Adam), and finally Ruth Cranston (previous experience a 20 minute session of how to hold the racket, where to stand and a brief introduction to the game) and John Crichton, another previous winner.

We're off, Simon, Hannah, Dominic and Mike "Looking out a dirty old window" - Steve, (apologies to Kim Wilde) Steve and Dave v The Bartons
It's like kids football, everyone follow the ball, Dave, Ryan and Steve whilst Adam looks on! The all important spin for serve, but it's ladies first anyway! Can we have our ball back please? Gordon was in the corner (all night!)
  Now then Steve how many points don't we need to qualify, it's ok Dave I've ordered another jug of beer.  


 With 5 games won and only 1 game lost were; Simon and Mike, Hannah and Dominic and Ryan and Adam

With 2 games won and 4 lost were; Dave and Steve and Ruth and John

With 1 game won and 5 lost were Keith and Peter, and without a victory but only losing two games by a single point were Gordon and Mark

On points countback, Hannah and Dominic lost out on a place in the final by 2 points to Simon and Mike, who had the advantage of playing last, but only secured the winning point to get them there in the last 10 seconds of their match with Gordon and Mark, who put up a tremendous fight. In the final they would play Ryan and Adam who by virtue of a thumping score 23-6 in one match booked their place early on.

The usual Pie, Chips, Peas and Gravy was washed down with jugs of beer along the way, alongside our spot prize winners, Peter Penrose 'stand up' bingo 1 (Celebrations) winner, Dave Benson, nearest coin to the bottle of Vodka winner, and Ryan Barton 'stand up' bingo 2 winner (box of biscuits), before arriving at the final.

 The victorious Barton brothers, Ryan and Adam, Doubles Winners 2015

Simon and Mike against Ryan and Adam, but only 2 points up and into the match Simon got a tight calf (a carry-over from his last match, he is getting on a bit) and couldn't continue. Dominic was nearest the door and was on before Simon was off, so it was now Mike and Dominic v the Bartons.

The first 6 points were even between them before Ryan and Adam got a couple of points lead, only to get pegged back by Mike and Dominic, who then opened out a 3 point lead 8/5 but the Barton brothers dug-in and were gifted the next three points as both Mike and Dominic went for outright winners that crashed onto the top of the tin, and with another couple of points the 'tide had turned'. At the call of time Ryan and Adam had held on 11/9 for a good win in a very good match. Adam proudly adding his name to an illustrious list of winners.

Hopefully more will enter next year as this really is THE social event of the season, on and off court! Plus it raises lots of money for great local causes. Thanks to everyone, players, spectators and staff.

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