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Daryl Selby v Cameron Pilley Squash Exhibition July 2016

A fantastic evening of squash was enjoyed when Englishman Daryl Selby (world ranked 20) and Australian Cameron Pilley (wr 14) came to Windscale for an evening of squash entertainment.

 Cameron Pilley WR 14 (Australia), Event Organiser Hannah Crichton and Daryl Selby WR 20 (England)

Hannah Crichton was the organiser and with her experience of assisting in various events management from The Great North Run, The Manchester Great City Games, The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, this was another chance to further her experience in Sport management, and a fantastic job she made of it, with both Daryl and Cameron complementing her and Windscale on their professionalism.

As well as Daryl and Cameron providing a top class exhibition match between themselves at the end of the evening, before that as a way of warming themselves and the crowd up they provided 6 players with the opportunity to take them on in a competitive one-game shoot out to 11 points, and with word having spread throughout the county of their appearence there were two challengers from other clubs as well as four of Windscales finest.

Daryl, Dominic, Brandon and Joseph (Joseph missed the joke!) Thomas, Sam, James and Cameron

Daryl played  Joseph Broadley (Carlisle), Dominic Corlett and Brandon Groggins (both Windscale), while Cameron played Thomas Bragg and Sam Nichol (both Windscale) as well as James Worsick (Carlisle). Unfortunately Chris Clark (Whitehaven) had been lined up to play but withdrew injured, and his replacement James Wilkinson (Wigton) was likely to be late through so gave up his reserve place, commiserations guys.

Daryl v Joseph Broadley.

Joseph with a lot of family and Windscale support was not overawed by Daryl and gave the pro a good run around with his boasts and drops, but Daryl was more than a match for them and steadily wore Joseph down as the rallies grew in length no matter how quickly Joseph tried to finish them. Daryl won 11-4, but Joseph was well worth his 4 points and thoroughly enjoyed his game.

 Daryl and Joseph

Daryl v Dominic Corlett.

With home support to cheer him on Dominic gave it his all, running for everything (as he does), playing some lengthy rallies (to his cost) and thoroughly entering into the spirit of the event. Daryl recognised the slight step up in challenge and wasn't quite so forgiving but Dominic stuck at it for his 7 points, saving two match balls in the process, but Daryl triumphed 11-7 in another entertaining spectacle.

 Dominic and Daryl

Daryl v Brandon Groggins

Daryl's last 'warm-up' match saw him pitted against Brandon and after 12 points there was nothing between them as Brandon 'gave as good as he got' off Daryl, and as Daryl realised the slight threat he moved into second gear to pull away, winning the next 4 points. Brandon saved 2 match points before Daryl took the final point for an 11-8 victory. He was now warmed up for Cameron.

Brandon and Daryl

Cameron v Thomas Bragg

Thomas was 5 points down before he could draw breath, but then he was off scoring regularly to claw back the deficit and at 6-8 down Cameron had to up the stakes to stop the youngster in his tracks. Cameron reeling off some good shots to take him through to an 11/7 victory.

Cameron and Thomas

Cameron v Sam Nichol

Sam led 1-0, the only time either of the pro's were behind all night, but then normal service resumed with Cameron winning the next 6 points, and it was a tired Sam that claimed another 3 points before Cameron finished the match at the first opportunity to win 11-4.

Cameron and Sam (he didn't play in these clothes)

Cameron v James Worsick

James looked like he couldn't wait for the exhibition proper to start and attempted winners from everywhere with the majority hitting the tin, resulting in Cameron being 7 points to the good for not much effort. James lifted his margin of error and had some brief success thereafter but after gaining 5 points Cameron closed the match out 11-5, he too looked ready for the 'big match' to start.

Cameron and James

Daryl Selby v Cameron Pilley

Cameron (blue) serving to Daryl (black) receiving, with an enthralled crowd onlooking

Daryl led the opening game until the mid point and from 5/5 it was then Cameron who pulled ahead to take the first game with a late rush of points 11/8, the retreiving, speed and athleticism on display was mesmerising and the crowd were treated to many extended rallies of mind blowing squash. Surely they couldn't keep that intensity up?

Cameron had a comfortable 5/2 lead in the second game as Daryl went for too many winners, with Cameron picking him off with his long reach and big stride when Daryl thought he was on top in the rallies, but this eventually counted against the big Aussie with Daryl playing a lower driving game and turning the tables on Cameron to lead 8/6 and 10/7, before taking the game at the first opportunity 11/9 to level the match. Another tiring game, and that was just watching!

All square then. The third game saw both players amazingly up the pace of the rallies and the precision of the drop shots and tightness of the ball to the walls showed how big a squash court can become for your opponent when the right shot is played, but these two players were equal to the task and each other, and consequently the first time one of them was 2 points clear was when Daryl led 10/8, only to lose the game ball and for Cameron to level it up at 10 all to force a tie-break. Daryl looked crestfallen and Cameron took the next 2 points to go ahead 2 games to 1 with a 12/10 score.

Cameron meant business in the 4th game as he'd changed his top, and sure enough he took a good 4/2 lead , but Daryl fought back to level it up at 4 all. Cameron applied pressure to Daryl again to go 3 points clear at 7/4, but once again Daryl was his equal and at 8/8 it was back all square in this crucial game. Cameron got to 10 but squandered two match balls as this time Daryl levelled the game 10 all, and another tie-break was on. As in the previous game however it was Cameron who held his form and nerve taking the 2 points for victory with a 12/10 game and 3-1 match score.

Both players probably had a 5th game in them, but it would have been hard to believe that it could have been as fast or as good as what they had served up in these 4 fantastic games, they had both covered every inch of court between them in a fantastic display of squash where the referee/scorer was hardly ever required other than scoring, as they showed how squash should be played in a fun, gentlemanly (in this case) manner.

The crowd had watched over 1 hour of compelling drama as fortune swung either way, and it was a pleasure to see two top 20 world squash stars exhibiting their craft on the Windscale courts.

Daryl on Arachnid protection duty The 'Gang's all here' to entertain you!


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