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Club Finals 2017

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Another successful years squash culminated in 11 finals at the weekend gone, on Friday evening 31st March and Sunday evening 2nd April. The finals were split with 5 on Friday and the remaining 6 on Sunday.

Fridays finals were;

Club Championship Division B, Thomas Bragg v Kai Nolan.

Thomas got off to a flyer in the first game 6/0 before Kai was on the score sheet, but following that Thomas reeled off another 7 winners, he wasn't hanging about! Kai looked nervous throughout the opening game as Thomas took it 15/4. Thomas was equally as focussed in the second, racing to 5/1 and then 9/4 before Kai started playing some better squash to give himself a chance, but Thomas was in a determined mood, taking the second game 15/9. The onslaught continued in the third game with Thomas only losing 3 points as Kai realised it was just going to be one of those nights, we've all had, as Thomas wrapped up the game 15/3, and the match 3-0.

Club C'ship Division B finalists, 
Kai Nolan and Thomas Bragg
 Winner, Thomas Bragg

Handicap Competition, Chris Woloszyn v Brandon Groggins

Brandon was giving Chris 2 points start to 17, and steadily took points away from Chris to lead comfortably at 10/5, and although Chris improved he couldn't claw back the lead and lost the best of 3 games opener 15/9. Chris started better in the second game leading 4/0 and 6/2, but Brandon was scoring points in bunches to Chris's singletons and at 9/8 to Brandon it was make or break for Chris...... break I'm afraid as Brandon took the next 7 points to have match ball. At the second attempt he took the vital point winning 17/9 and 2-0.

Handicap Competition finalists,
Brandon Groggins and Chris Woloszyn
Winner, Brandon Groggins

Veterans over 50, Ian Richardson v Dave Hetherington

A nip and tuch opening game saw Ian and Dave share the first 21 points as neither could impose himself on the other, Ian leading 11/10, only then did Ian stretch his lead to a winning one by taking the last 4 points to win 15/10. The second game was equally tight, 5/5 and 9/9, before Dave this time put together a mini-run of points to lead 13/9, Ian pulled a few points back but Dave levelled the match at 1 game all with a 15/12 game score. Dave was a shadow of himself in the third as Ian  dominated the rallies, taking the third game for the loss of only 4 points, winning 15/4 for a crucial 2-1 lead. The 4th game was a carbon copy of the third 15/4 again to give Ian the title at his first attempt, 3-1.

 Veterans over 50 finalists,
Dave Hetherington and Ian Richardson
Winner, Ian Richardson

Non-Ranked Competition, Mike Naylor v Peter Sempill

In a match between two of our older generation squash players, things were a little more light hearted, but with both wanting to prove themself. Mike took a few rallies to get Dubai out of his system, and Peter took full advantage of the three or four at most stroke rallies! Mike led 9/7 but that was as good as it got, losing the first game 15/10 to Peter. Whatever Mike took in the interval worked a treat as he improved more in the next game and they shared the opening 26 points to be tied at 13 all. Mike held his nerve to win the game 15/13 to level the match. In the third game Mike was only on the score sheet for 2 points as Peter blitzed him 15/2, and the die was cast early on in the fourth game as Peter scored in bunches of points to lead 10/5, Mike pulled a few points back late on but Peter wasn't to be denied taking the game 15/8, and match 3-1.

Non-Ranked finalists,
Mike Naylor and Peter Sempill
 Winner, Peter Sempill

Club Championship Plate Final, Matthew Harrison v Craig Richardson

Matthew opened very steadily against Craig and only dropped 1 point in the opening 10, this gave Craig far too much to do, even though he did pick up a few points, Matthew taking it 15/7. Craig led 2/0 in the second game before Matthew woke up, but once he did he put Craig to the sword again to lead 8/2, Craig took 5 of the next 12 points, but the damage was done 15/7 to Matthew for a 2-0 lead. The third was a tighter affair, they shared the first 12 point at 6 all, then Matthew got 4 points to pull clear at 10/6, Craig pulled a few points back but couldn't stop Matthew picking up odd points here and there and it was Matthew who took the honours with a 15/11 game and 3-0 match.

 Club Championship Plate finalists,
Matthew Harrison and Craig Richardson
Winner, Matthew Harrison

Sunday saw 6 finals being contested, those were;

Veterans over 60, Ian Savage and Peter Sempill

In what looked like a close match, Ian and Peter shared the first 10 points at 5 all, but then Ian was probably back in Iceland (the country) as his mind wasn't on squash, losing the next 10 points in a row to give Peter the first game 15/5. Peter also took the opening 4 points of the second game before Ian was 'with-us' again, as he reeled off 11 of the next 12 points to lead 11.5. But Peter has a lot of fight in him and he clawed his way back to level the game at 13 all, and then taking the 2 points needed to win 15/13 for a 2-0 lead. At 4/3 in the third Ian was just ahead, but that was as good as it got for him as Peter scored regularly to win the third game 15/7 and the match 3-0.

 Veterans over 60 finalists,
Peter Sempill and Ian Savage
 Winner, Peter Sempill

Handicap Plate, Thomas Bragg v Tony Brannon

Thomas carried on against Tony where he left off from on Friday, playing great squash and he soon took away the handicap advantage that Tony held over him, leading 5/2, a lot of the following points were shared out evenly as Tony regrouped to only be behind 9/13, but Thomas wasn't to be denied the first game, taking it 16/11. Thomas had a great run of points in the second game as well to lead 10/4, and as before even though the rest of the points were shared between them Tony had too much to do as Thomas won the second and deciding game 16/10 for a 2-0 victory.

 Handicap Plate finalists,
Tony Brannon and Thomas Bragg
 Winner, Thomas Bragg

 Club C'ship Division B Plate Final, Hudson 'Tut' Irving v Dylan Watters

Dylan wasn't overawed in his first ever final against Tut, and soon had him behind on points 9/4, but Tut knows how to slow the game down and some great lobs got him crucial points to get himself back in it. Dylan to his credit though dug in and took the first game on a tie-breaker as Tut had game ball, Dylan took the 2 extra points to claim the opener 16/14. At 5 all and then 6 all in the second game there was nothing between them, until Dylan got a run of points going to take him out to a 12/7 lead, Tut got 3 points back but Dylan held out for a 15/10 game and 2-0 lead. Dylan led the third 4/0, but Tut pulled it back to 4/5, Dylan stretched the lead to 8/4 only to see Tut pull it back once again to 8 all. Dylan went about his squash in a steady thoughtful way and it paid off with 7 of the last 8 points to win the third game15/9 and the match 3-0.

 Championship Division B Plate finalists,
Hudson Irving v Dylan Watters
 Winner Dylan Watters

Ladies Championship, Hannah Crichton v Luisa Mc Gregor

Luisa set off hitting four winners to give Hannah an early scare, but once Hannah was into her stride she tore through the opening game for the loss of only 3 more points, taking it 15/7. The second game was a much more even scoring start as the two of them shared the first 12 points at 6 all, but then Hannah got a run of points as Luisa struggled to pick up Hannahs drop shots, with again Hannah only dropping 3 more points with a 15/9 second game. Luisa started slowly in the third game, taking only 1 of the first eight points, but she then managed to put a bit of pressure on Hannah with a run of 4 points to find herself only 5/8 down but Hannah pushed on again taking 7 of the last 9 points for a 15/7 game and 3-0 match. This was Hannah's first Club Championship title.

 Ladies Championship finalists,
Luisa McGregor and Hannah Crichton
 Winner Hannah Crichton

Veterans over 40, Craig Richardson v Chris  Woloszyn

Craig started the brighter and lead 4/0, then Chris scored 3 points, then Craig scored another 4 points, as neither player could score and play consistently. Chris pulled a couple of points back twice but in between Craig was amassing points to take him to 15/8, and a 1-0 lead. Back for the second game they seemed more evenly matched as the were level at 6 all, but from then on it was all Craig as he never relinquished the serve to win 15/6, for a two game lead. Craig was getting everything back in the third to frustrate Chris and with a slender 6/4 lead he was looking to get himself in front at all times. A run of 4 points gave him a good cushion at 11/4 and it looked ominous for Chris, but he started to play a lot more freely and made Craig wait for the victory. Chris took 8 of the next 11 points to make it 12/13, but crucially Craig hit a winner to give himself match ball, taking it first time to win a tight third game 15/12, a 3-0 match.

 Veterans over 40 finalists,
Craig Richardson and Chris Woloszyn
 Winner Craig Richardson

Club Championship, Daniel Harrison v Chris Musson

These two players were evenly matched in the first few points and it was no surprise they couldn't be split at 6 points all, Daniel then won 9 of the next 11 points to run away with the first game 15/8. The second game was identical to the start of the match, tied at 6 points all, but this time Chris gave himself a 3 point cushion before Daniel hit a run of 4 points to just lead 11/10. They both exchanged a few points and with Chris leading 13/12 Daniel was just hanging on to the game. Three shots into the tin put paid to Chris's chances though as Daniel took the second game from the jaws of defeat to lead 2-0. Chris played superbly in the third and Daniel had no real answers as Chris led 6/2 and 11/3, everything he tried came off and he took the third game 15/5, it was now 2-1 to Daniel. As had often happened over the course of the day the players found themselves level at 6 all, only then for Daniel to score 5 points to give himself a bit of a cushion, but Chris came back with a run of 4 points to only trail by 1 point, Daniel wasn't to be denied though as he only dropped 1 more point on his way to a 15/12 fourth game and a 3-1 win, for his 3rd Championship in a row.

 Club Championship finalists,
Daniel Harrison and Chris Musson
 Winner Daniel Harrison


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