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Doubles Competition in aid of Camron Sumner Malik

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The annual doubles competition was run later this year, it's usually on Children In Need evening in November, but this year Windscale decided to run the competition solely for a child in need, Camron Sumner Malik.

The reason behind the evening

10 pairs of players took part in what is still acclaimed as the best social competition that is offered, and battled hard for what is becoming one of the more coveted trophies to get your names on, and there were plenty of former winners trying to do just that.

The Players, l to r; Gordon Thomson, Sam Nichol, Luke McStraw, Jack Harrison, Phil McStraw, Thomas Bragg, Hannah Crichton, Andrew Bragg, Barbara Telfer, Mark Fox, Adam Barton, Kai Nolan, Jake Musson, Chris Musson, Ryan Barton, Brandon Groggins, John Crichton, Kneeling front, Zac Singleton, Dylan Watters, Lorraine Lowery.

Ryan and Adam Barton, last years winners were again paired up, but with the competition thrown open this year to the entry of juniors, there was a little more competition for everyone. Hannah Crichton paired up with one of her training partners, junior Brandon Groggins, in what was an inexperienced doubles pairing but a useful looking duo. Past winners Jake and Chris Musson added weight to the business end of the competition as did another pairing of Sam Nichol and Kai Nolan, two more than capable players with no previous doubles experience though. Father and son, Andrew and Thomas Bragg rounded up what looked to be the best of the likely top end of teams, again only a lack of doubles experience counting against them. Zac Singleton and Dylan Watters were two juniors pairing up, and two total beginners in Jack Harrison and Lorraine Lowery made for an interesting combination. Ever presents Mark Fox and 80 year old Gordon Thomson, yes that's correct, 80, played their hearts out, as did another father and son partnership of Phil and Luke McStraw, Phil is a past champion and Luke is a beginner, though at times it looked the other way round. The final pair were Barbara Telfer and another past winner John Crichton, who both decided after not having played competitively for around 2 years they would get their 'rackets' out.

And so it began, 3 minutes per match  on 2 courts with safety glasses firmly in place. The pace was frenetic with no time to rest between games, especially with 45 matches to fit in to the evenings play. Only one person was hit with a ball in all the 45 games (sorry Phil), and only 1 arm was grazed with a racket which just shows how safe everyone was playing it with 4 on court. The early games seemed lower scoring than normal as everyone took their time to get up to speed with what they were doing, where they should be on court and keeping aware of others movement. It's a thinking game doubles!

L to r; Chris, Sam, Jake and Kai about to play a drive.  L to r; Barbara, Zac, Dylan and John

The final league table was a points 'for', with your highest and lowest scores not included and the other 7 results counting, this produced the following results;

  Won Drawn Lost Points
Ryan & Adam 8   1 68
Brandon & Hannah 8   1 60
Jake & Chris 8   1 58
Kai & Sam 3 2 4 41
Thomas & Andrew 6   3 49
Zac & Dylan 4 1 4 39
Gordon & Mark 0   9 37
Jack & Lorraine 1   8 25
Phil & Luke 2 1 6 37
John & Barbara 4   5 41


As can be seen it was very tight between the top three with each of them losing a game to one of the other pairs, and with only 2 points being the difference between a place in the final or not.

 Semi final time; Thomas, Chris, Jake and Andrew, (on our new sloping court!)

So the 3rd/4th place play off resulted in an easy 15-7 win for Jake & Chris over Thomas and Andrew in the 5 minutes played.

Final time, are we ready? L to r, Ryan pulling his shorts up , Brandon checking his laces are tied, Adam having a scratch and Hahnnah poised for action. Barbara dashing across the foreground!

The Final between Ryan & Adam and Brandon & Hannah was a much tighter affair, with the match only being decided in the last 10 seconds of the 5 minutes, as neither pair gave an inch and quality squash and retrieving was displayed throughout. Ryan served at 9-8 up with 10 seconds left and after a cross court drive 'nicked' and the timer finished that was it 10-8 to Ryan and Adam, retaining their trophy in dramatic fashion.

Happy brothers, winners again! Congratulations Ryan and Adam

All that remained was for everyone to head into the restaurant for the customary Pie, Chips, Peas and gravy, along with a sociable drink amongst friends. This continues to be the best of Windscale squash and revelry, entries will shortly be taken for next years event.

Everyone at Windscale Squash sends their love and best wishes to Camron Sumner Malik.

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