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All Standards

All levels of ability are catered for within Club coaching, either individually, or as a group session, and many of the best juniors currently playing within the club have benefited from a good level of coaching input at some stage.  School children at all the local primary and junior schools have learned the basics at the club sessions provided, and currently squash is provided by the Club on the secondary school curriculum during P.E. lessons.


Squash Coaching Camps

As well as ongoing seasonal coaching and training, Easter, Summer and Autumn squash coaching camps featuring England Squash level 3 or 4 guest coaches are provided, not just for juniors from within the local area but also open to all county juniors, as well as from counties further afield. These camps contain advice on technique, tactics, movement, nutrition, etc. along with explaining the requirements mentally to enable juniors to progress.



Junior Development

Junior development is at the heart of club coaching, and if the rewards being gathered by the more adventurous players on the national squash sanctioned competition circuit are any judge of its value, then it is time well spent with our club coaches.  Additional to this countrywide success, many county champions have been produced, as well as our juniors making up many of the team members of the various boys and girls successful Inter-County squads.

Gavin Stephenson was appointed as the Club Coach in July 2012 and has become an instant hit with his own brand of squash related activities and coaching. Saturday afternoons are now the preferred time for club coaching sessions with the 'Fundamental group' coaching from 2.00pm to 2.45pm, this is followed by the 'Bronze group' from 2.45pm until 3.30pm. The slightly more experienced 'Silver group' follow straight on at 3.30pm until 4.15pm, with the Gold and Elite group' coming together to coach at 4.15pm to 5.00pm. These sessions cover the needs of our 40+ juniors, as well as countless other free sessions provided by our other qualified club coaches throughout the week.

Paul Bell, who was awarded the England Squash and Racketball Junior Coach of the year 2012 - 2013, is also a regular Club Coach offering his expertise and commitment on Friday afternoon through to late evening for those juniors included in County Squads or teams, this is a limited resource and is of added value to our juniors, saving them the hours journey to Carlisle that thyey used to undertake.

In the past few weeks the Club has looked at the regulation of all our club coaching resources and streamlined the coaching staff accordingly, we are determined that all club coaching should be free of charge to the juniors and parents, and all coaches have now signed up to this request. All the parents are able to enquire of any of the following coaches time to coach, although they are reminded of the requirements regarding prime-time court bookings; the only coaches allowed to coach and available are; Gavin Stephenson, John Crichton, Jake Musson, Martin Blair, Linda Winder, Barbara Telfer, Lisa Powe, Pam Graham and Jessica Winder.

Other coaches services may be 'hired in' at the Clubs discretion, but permission through the Club Committee must be sought, and on the proviso that all ESR documentation and certification can be produced for clearance, this may be granted.

Junior Coaches

Guest Coaches