Fitness facility manager and Physiotherapy

PhysioTony Carroll manages the fitness suite as well as providing the management of the physiotherapy requirements for members. On hand to deliver the latest up to date advice on fitness practice in the gym, or delivering his physiotherapy, massage, electrotherapy, or general advice on well being, he is the heart beat of the club.


Qualified to cater for the treatment of injuries and massage, Tony is a qualified remedial gymnast (a qualification available before physiotherapists became chartered), and this involved the maintenance and renewal of motor function, the exercise of wasted or weakened muscles and tendons, and generally getting injured people back on their feet again and into shape to compete in their sport once more.

An ever willing to learn practitioner, Tony has gained many qualifications over the years and regularly attends seminars and refresher courses to update his knowledge, thereby keeping up to date with current trends and common practices throughout the physiotherapy and remedial massage sectors.

Qualifications that are useful to Windscale Squash and Fitness are:

As can be seen, these qualifications cater for all manner of clients seen within the environs of the Squash and Fitness facility, and this great facility provision means that the club is once again at one with the community, in providing an essential service for the well being of its members and the greater public at large.

Fitstart Classes

Des Horner

Des Horner is our GP referral class consultant (otherwise known as Fitstart), with the local Hospital referring to us their phase 3 cardio rehabilitation patients, further ongoing consultations are taking place with regards to the local doctors surgeries and their request for referred cardio rehabilitation . Des is a level 4 fitness instructor on the register of exercise professionals (the highest level of qualification), and holds certification in various aspects of fitness and exercise, including Boxercise, RSA* exercise to music, RSA gym instructor, circuit training instructor, Kettlebell instructor, Group Indoor cycling instructor (Spinning), and as stated 'Fitstart' instructor with the BACPR* qualification.

*RSA (Royal Society of Arts), *BACPR (British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation)

Des was the founder of Windscale Squash and Fitness Facility 'Fitstart ' program, back in September 2004, having received his BACPR 'colours' in September 2001, and in recent years he has worked at Sports Centres in Workington and Cockermouth, Workingtons community centre at The Oval, Salterbeck, as well as setting up Cardio rehabilitation programs at 4 community centres in Carlisle.

A keen sportsman and fitness enthusiast, he played team sport in the shape of rugby and cricket for his school, and spent his time away from school in the gym lifting weights, and has continued his passion for exercise through to today. In his social time he enjoys any physical activity and cycles or goes walking in the Lake District most weekends. Des has been practising as a GP referral consultant now in spells covering more than 8 years now and has built up a healthy, in number as well as body, clientele who use the facility regularly.

Fitstart is ideal for those not disposed to high intensity aerobics, or not particularly 'into keep fit', but have a desire to recover from lack of fitness, or as part of a recovery program. The fitstart classes are open to all levels of participants, from those recovering from injury, disease or surgery, especially those that have had heart, pulmonary, knee or back problems, as well as just a general lack of fitness and mobility.

All are welcome, 3 classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday lasting 1 hour, at 9.10am, 10.15am and 14.00pm. All classes are split into three sections, a warm up and stretching session, an aerobics session, which is based around exercise stations or on exercise machines, and a structured cool down.

Cost is £ 12.15/month, payable by standing order, this entitles the user not only to the Fitstart sessions above but also unlimited gym usage before 4.00pm every day and free Racketball on Monday mornings.

This is a fantastic resource for the local community, and we are pleased to be of support in our links with the local health professionals and services.